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July 12, 2008
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The Passionate Angel
Part 2/3

          Angelica had been waiting at home for an hour. She’d finally stopped getting up too look out the window and decided to just set a chair beside it. She tried calling the police but they claimed it wasn’t something she should worry about and that they had more important things to take care of. She was sitting in the chair, her clothes somewhat dry since she’d lit the fireplace when she got home, with Jacobs jacket still on. She was just about to call the police again when she saw something move near the corner of the opposite street.
          She saw someone limp towards a pole and then stop at it, holding onto it to keep themselves standing. The person looked around as if to get there bearings, and then started limping towards Angelica’s house. She watched the person intently until a street lamp shined down, revealing there face. She immediately jumped up from the chair, flung the door wide open, and rushed out into the rain.
          “Jacob!” She rushed up to him, wrapping her arm around his back and putting his hand over her own shoulder to try and help support him.
          “You need to be quiet,” he said jokingly. “You’re going to wake everyone up.”
          “Oh shut up. We need to get you inside quickly.” Angelica could barely see the condition that Jacob was in but, from the shakiness of his voice, she could tell that it wasn’t great. He was soaked in what she hoped was only water, limping, and she could see a few cuts on his face. When she got him inside and into a chair, she saw the extent of his wounds and gasped in shock. His bottom lip was split open, blood filled his mouth, the left side of his face was swollen just beneath the eye, and there was a large blood stain covering his right pants leg.
          “What did I say about waking everyone up,” he replied, smiling shortly before he winced in pain.
          “This is serious!”
          “It’s not that bad,” he said, shrugging, “I’ve been in worse.” Angelica responded with a glare. “But that doesn’t mean this isn’t something that’s not serious.”
          “I’m going to get the first aid kit. Is there anything else you need me to get?”
          “A cup or another type of container that you don’t mind having blood in and…” He looked over at the fire that was steadily burning. “Go ahead and put the poker in the flame for a bit, some plastic, like a trash bag, and a small cloth please.” Angelica nodded, put the poker into the fire, and, just as she was about to go past him to get the other things, he grabbed her hand and stopped her. “And Angie? Calm down a little, ok? I’m alright and you’re safe. That’s all that matters.” She nodded again and rushed out of the room.
          Angelica got the first aid kit out of the bathroom first, then she ran into the kitchen and a cup, a dish cloth, and a small trash bag. When she had returned, she saw that Jacob had his shirt halfway up his body. She groaned and set down what she had gathered beside him and began helping him take off his shirt.
          “You know,” said Jacob, smiling, “I’m quite capable of getting out of my own clothes.”
          “Jacob, just shut up. You’re hurt, your clothes are soaking wet, and I’m-OH MY GOD!” Angelica jumped back and covered her mouth with both hands when she got his shirt off. Most of his chest was bruised and there wasn’t a portion of his abs that weren’t red or swollen by now.
          “If you think I’m bad, you should see the other guys.” He laughed softly and then coughed, quickly bring his hand up and coating his fist with the blood from his mouth. “Can I have that cup?”
          Angelica nodded, tears forming in her eyes from Jacobs condition as she handed him the cup. He thanked her and then spit a large wad of blood into it. After running his tongue around his mouth, he spit again and placed it down beside his seat.
          “Thanks. I need the plastic for this next part.”
          “What for,” asked Angelica, sniffing.
          “This.” He pointed to his leg where the large blood stain coated his jeans. She handed him the plastic and he stood up just enough to get it under his leg. “Want to help me with my pants?”
          “You don’t need to ask for anything right now. Whatever it is, I’ll do it.” She assisted him with getting his pants off and, as he sat back down in his boxers, more blood oozed forth from the gash in his leg. He pointed to the first aid kit and Angelica quickly opened up and got the necessary supplies to clean the wound. She reached for a rather large band-aid and when Jacob saw it, he laughed.
          “You’re going to use that to cover this up?”
          “Only until we can get you to the doctor and they can sew it shut.”
          “No,” said Jacob, shaking his head. “I’d rather not. Too much hassle. I’ve got another way.”
          Angelica looked at him curiously, trying to figure out what he meant. She looked into the fireplace and saw the poker still sitting in their and it hit her.
          “You’re going to burn it!?”
          “Of course.”
          “Poker please.”
          “Thought you said I didn’t have to ask,” he said, jokingly.
          “It’s not that.”
          “I know,” he said smiling, “but you’re not going to change my mind. In the end, you’ll hand me the poker. We might as well just skip to that.” He put on a grin and Angelica sighed. She walked over to the fireplace and lifted the poker out of the flame, turning to him hesitantly. He reached out his hand and she walked over to him, slowly, as if not going faster would make him change his mind. When he grabbed it, he pointed it to his leg and breathed in deeply. He pressed the heated tip directly against the wound and held it there, clenching his teeth and scrunching his eyes, unable to keep from revealing the pain it caused.
          “Why,” said Angelica, tears streaming slowly down her face. “Why did you do it?”
          Jacob pulled the poker away from his leg, seared flesh in place of his recently acquired wound, and exhaled. “Doctors annoy me. That and the price and explanations that I would be required to provide. It’s much simpler to just-“
          “No,” said Angelica sharply, shaking her head. “Why did you do it? Fight them and make me run? You could have been killed.”
          “You really have to ask,” said Jacob, lifting his eyebrow slightly. “You’re my angel. I promised to protect you, keep you safe. It’s because I love you Angelica.”
          “J-Jacob...” Tears poured down Angelica’s face faster than they ever had as she rushed over to him and kissed him passionately on the lips, holding his head in her hands. She quickly pulled back and examined him. “I’m sorry. Did I hurt you?”
          “No,” whispered Jacob, smiling, “Not one bit my love. I’ll just ask one question though.”
          “What is it?”
          “Why’d you stop,” he whispered, winking.
          Angelica smiled and began kissing him passionately, slowly crawling into his lap. She moved her lips to his ear, nibbled softly, and whispered, “I was just giving you a short break before I thanked you for what you did.”
This is actually based on a true story believe it or not. >_>
I had just gotten done with writing another chapter for a book I'm working on and I wanted to write more...but not for the book.

I was going to finish Meadow of Passion, the EdwardxBella story but it wasn't on my laptop and I didn't feel like transferring it from my storage unit. So, instead, I decided to write this one. It's one that I've been thinking about doing for a while but never had the I do ^_^.

Hope you like. There will be three parts to it so make sure to read all of it to enjoy the grand quality of it all :P.

Part 1 - [link]
Part 2 –[link]
Part 3 - [link]

[No Unauthorized third party use of this material is allowed. Written permission must be acquired.]
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